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What is interest / FAQ

What is Interest?

With Interest you can earn up to 9% p. a. for your crypto coins. To get the interest, you only need to have your dashboard account on

Then you charge up your account with coins (BTC, LTC, DASH or DOGE). 

With these coins you can activate the interest. Click in the Menu on Interest, read and accept the terms. 

Then you can make a new contract to get the interest of your desired coin. 

FAQ: Interest

The contract is valid immediately and applies from the beginning.

After the third day, the first earnings are booked.

Profits are booked once a day at 00:00 (between UTC+1 and UTC+2).

The daily profits are added directly to the existing contract and you benefit from compound interest. The locked period is not extended.

Once the locked periode is over, withdrawals can be made at any time. The payout can take up to 48 hours.

No, the contract is still valid and profits are booked every day. The contract is only closed when the entire capital has been withdrawn.