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What is colocation mining?

What is colocation mining?

Colocation mining offers the ideal prerequisite for running your own mining operations.

All equipment that you buy or send in as part of the colocation remains your property.

However, you enjoy the advantage of achieving very favorable electricity and service costs due to the bundling of many resources, which you cannot achieve at home.

MEATEC provides solutions for investors and individual miners, and has developed the infrastructure to help miners better profit from one of the most exciting opportunities in the market today.

We help you scale and run your mining operation so you can maximize your investment.

MEATEC offers a wide range of mining solutions for operations of all sizes.

From ASIC miners, immersion cooling and mining containers. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you grow.

MEATEC is also a Bitmain certified repair service center for mining equipment.

Please refer to our Tier Pricing-System to calculate the actual hosting price, as the final price depends on which different service add-on’s you select.

  • ASIC Miner

     Management Fee: 0%
     Electricity price: $ 0.075/kWh (<800W  0,098$)

  • GPU Miner

    Management Fee: 0%
    Electricity price: $ 0.098/kWh


With our fully hosted service you do not need to do anything really.

Normally crypto mining entails taking care of logistics, customs, installing, paying electricity costs on time.
With MEATEC you don’t need to worry about any of this.

We take care of everything.
Even your electricity costs are deducted automatically from the mining returns. 

The delivery of the mining hardware happens in batches.

Usually a batch is described as the month in which the hardware is supposed to be delivered and installed in the data center. For example, ‘January Batch’ is to be delivered and installed between the first and last day of January and up and running as soon as possible thereafter.

There is also the option of “Installation-ready”.

This means that the hardware is in our warehouse near by and only has to be delivered to our data center. This normally takes 1-3 working days.

NB! If you chose to ship your own miners to us then shipping times may vary depending on the carrier. NEVER initiate a shipment to our datacenter without consulting us first – it might end up being stock or confiscated in the customs!!

When you send us your used equipment, we cannot guarantee the operability of the equipment when it arrives. New devices that arrive defective must be handled via the manufacturer’s warranty.

We can only guarantee devices that are purchased through our webshop.
If you want to send your device to us so write us an email under