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What is Cloud Mining?

What is Cloud Mining?

You are not familiar with mining hardware and are looking for an easy way to invest in mining. For this we offer Cloud Mining.

When you sign up, you can choose a plan you want to purchase from the dashboard.You can see what you earned in total and the daily income.


FAQ: Cloud Mining

Earning per day depends on many factors, such as Blocks mined, the difficulty, Block reward etc. A prediction isn´t possible. The coins that you have mined will be added to your balance. 

Please note that our payout is based on overall network hashrate, and 100% uptime is guaranteed. We recommend all our clients to do their own research and their own earning calculation.

If you are an individual miner there is  always a possibility that your mining hardware could crash, slow down or completely break. Using our cloud mining you will never face any issues like these.

The maintenance fee covers all costs related to mining including

  • electricity cost
  • maintenance work

You receive your coins every minute on your balance. 

If nothing else stated, the miner will start immediately after purchase. 

You can contact us under following email address.

Our office works from Mo-Fr from 8:00 till 18:00 (CET+2)

Yes that is possible. All mined coins are on your dashboard balance. 
You can easily buy all of our products with your balance. 

Sometimes we offer a pre-sale with a later mining start.
A pre-sale will be used to buy mining hardware, that will be delivered in the future. 

There are some advantages such as

  • higher miningspeed
  • higher efficiency because of the newest hardware
  • lower prices because of a pre-sale from the hardware manufactures

All these benefits we give you back. 

Your money will be used to buy more hashpower, that is the secret to grow and grant low prices. 

Our fees aren´t hidden and can be seen, directly in our offers (handling fee). 
Most of our products don´t have any fee (Zero fee plans)

Yes, every customer can use our affiliate system. 
This system grants you at least 3% of the invest from your reffered customer

In the first time, you don´t need any wallet. But if you want to transfer your mined coins to your own wallet, then you need your own wallet address. 

For example you can use an exchange to payout or a smartphone or offline wallet.