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How to earn money with MEATEC affiliate

How to earn money with MEATEC affiliate

MEATEC affiliate program offers you the easiest way to earn money if you recommend our company and services.
In addition, you also profit in the long term from recruited people who also purchase future products with affiliate.

Currently we offer affiliate on the following products:

– Colocation Mining (1% of the mining power of the referred person)
– Cloud Mining (3% of the invested amount as instant credit on your balance)

How it works?

Get your referral code by login into your dashboard and click on affiliate.

You can copy the link into your clipboard. 

When you share this link and other person will use this link, then you have reffered the person. If this person invest in our products, you will automatically earn money. 

We recommend to change the link to a lifetime link. So if we change something on the homepage or the url, we have made a shortlink service, that we can change the link to a corrected link. 

The advantage is, that you never have to change the link again. So please open a text editor and change the link. 

Only change the to
in future update, we will change this automatically.