StrongU STU-U6 (440Gh)

1.414,00 $

Dash Miner

This miner will be sent directly to and deployed in one of our facility.

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Delivery date refers to the Batch. Batches will be delivered to our facilities between the first and last of the specified month.




Powered by low cost green energy (Hydro power).
Your miner will be professionally hosted in our facility. You don´t have to do anything.
Estimated delivery and installation date: see our options above


This is a Dash Miner using the x11 Algorithm. This is the perfect investment into the first privacy-centric cryptographic currency DASH.

Technical Details


Hashpower 440 GH/ second
Electricity Consumption 2.2 kW/h
Mined Coin DASH

Hosting Costs

All prices include delivery costs and import tax.
Our electricity price is at 5.8$cent/kWh. The price will be subtracted from the mining return.
Our service fee is 15% of the mining return after electricity costs.

Additional information

Delivery Date

April, August, december, Febuary, Installation ready, January, July, June, March, May, November, October, September